Please read the following before entering the OSCA wait list sign-up page through the link at the bottom of this page.

The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) includes three housing and dining co-ops, seven dining-only co-ops, and one housing-only co-op. There are both room and board, board-only, and room-only options.

Members of the Third World Co-op are selected entirely by application. Applications are available on the OSCA web site's main page. Applications will be reviewed by the TWC membership committee, and we will contact you if you are accepted.

Students who plan to apply for Brown Bag Co-op must have village or town housing status.

Incoming students new to Oberlin must submit a new student application form (available on OSCA’s web site) before participating in the new student lottery and/or signing up on the OSCA wait list. For new students, please note that the following are NOT available for students new to Oberlin: dining-only in Brown Bag, Harkness, Keep and Tank Co-ops.

If you have any questions concerning co-op membership, contact the OSCA office, Wilder 402, x58108, osca@oberlin.edu

 I understand that by completing this application form, I will be assigned to the requested dining only co-op automatically and will be financially responsible for dining in that co-op. OSCA will not ask if I want acceptance into a co-op unless it is a room and board co-op (housing) spot. I understand I will be notified of acceptance into a co-op by OSCA via an e-mail to my Oberlin College e-mail account. I also understand that if I am placed in a co-op and wish to remain there I must remove myself from the wait list using this form. Lastly, I understand that if I wish to be released from my co-op placement, I must fill out the appropriate OSCA paperwork.