What if I join/leave OSCA mid-semester?


You will be charged or refunded for the number of whole weeks remaining in the semester on the effective date of your co-op entry or departure.

What happens if I’m going to be away from Oberlin in the Fall? Can I still enter the lottery?


Yes. If you know you will be LOA (leave of absence) for the Fall semester, you still need to sign up for the lottery to obtain a lottery number.

I got on the wait list in the beginning of the semester but still haven’t been placed! Why?


Did you fill out the Fall/Spring wait list confirmation form? If not, you are no longer on the wait list! If you did, it may just be that no vacancies have opened up yet!

I submitted a release request form but I’m still in OSCA! Why?


Due to our rent contract with the college, co-op releases can only be processed on certain days, and become effective by our effective dates. These dates are outlined HERE .


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