This form is for Oberlin College students who will be upperclass students in Fall 2017; students new to Oberlin for Fall 2017 should fill out a New Student Co-op Application Form on the OSCA web site. Please read the following instructions before entering the OSCA co-op lottery through the link at the bottom of this page.

The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) includes four housing and dining and eight dining-only co-ops. There are both room and board and board-only options. To have a chance of getting into a co-op for the Fall 2017 semester, you must participate in the upperclass co-op lottery that will be held on April 6, 2017.

Old B housing is a safe space for students who may feel oppressed due to their gender. The space serves primarily trans students, with a focus on trans women and trans feminine people. It also serves as a space for gender nonconforming people and other trans people (including non-binary people). Cis women are allowed into the house as the lowest priority, after trans people and gender nonconforming people. Housing membership is by application. Applications are available on the OSCA website (http://osca.csr.oberlin.edu/coops/oldb-app-readme) and must be submitted by Monday, March 13, 2017.

Members of the Third World Co-op are selected entirely by application. Applications are available on the OSCA web site (http://osca.csr.oberlin.edu/coops/thirdworld-app-readme) and must be submitted by Monday, March 13, 2017.

Students who plan to apply for Brown Bag Co-op must have village or town housing status.

Students with an approved Oberlin College special accommodation for a single room may request a single in OSCA if they are accepted into a housing & dining co-op. To request a single, a student must file a letter from the Oberlin College Director of the Office of Disability Services (Jane Boomer) with the OSCA office NO LATER THAN APRIL 3, 2017. Filing this letter does not guarantee a single within OSCA.

If you have any questions concerning co-op membership, contact the OSCA office, Wilder 402, x58108, osca@oberlin.edu.


Be sure to check other housing and dining options on your Residential Education & Dining Services housing and dining request form in case you draw a high lottery number and do not get into a co-op.

  • To apply individually for a lottery number, just check “Co-op lottery” on the College housing and dining request form, and rank your OSCA choices along with your College housing choices.
  • You must register for the lottery using the link at the bottom of this page, giving your co-op preferences, no later than April 4, 2017. Based on the list of applicants, lottery numbers will be randomly assigned.
  • The co-op lottery will be held April 6, 2017. If you are assigned to a co-op at the April 6th lottery, you will be notified via e-mail by April 7th, 4:00pm. You must go to the Wilder Hall lobby and sign an OSCA membership contract and pay a $75 deposit on APRIL 9, Noon-10:00pm (check or money order only - no cash) to hold your place until September. No early or late deposit checks will be accepted. This mandatory deposit will be deducted from your Fall 2017 bill. The deposit is non-refundable after August 1. If you fail to pay this deposit on April 9th, you will be removed from your co-op assignment.
  • If you accept a space in a co-op and decide not to return to your co-op assignment, you must write to the OSCA Membership Secretary before August 1 to receive your deposit refund.
  • If you do not get into a co-op, or you did not get into your 1st choice co-op, but wish to retain your co-op lottery number for the wait list you must go to the OSCA web site (http://oberlin.edu/osca) on April 7, but NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, APRIL 9, and put yourself on the wait list for Fall 2017.
  • If you plan to be away for Fall 2017 and want to keep your co-op lottery number for when you return in Spring 2018, YOU MUST FIRST REGISTER FOR THE ANNUAL LOTTERY so that you are assigned a lottery number. After the annual lottery, you may go to the OSCA website and get on the wait list for Spring 2018 NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017 (extended deadline only for students away from Oberlin for Fall 2017). Be sure to write 0000 as your OCMR# on the wait list form so that we know you will be away from Oberlin for Fall 2017. The $75 deposit is NOT required if you will be on leave Fall 2017 since OSCA cannot guarantee you a co-op space for Spring 2018.


  • Two people may apply for co-op membership as a pair; they will receive consecutive lottery numbers. This increases the chances for both to get into the same co-op. Note that consecutive pairs must choose the same co-op preferences (in the same priority order) when you register on line for the lottery (http://oberlin.edu/osca). Two people applying as a pair need not be of the same gender, and in the case of room and board options they are not expected to be roommates. Pairs will not be required to accept any option together. More than two people cannot apply together. Consecutive pair cards are available outside the OSCA Office, Wilder 402.

  • To apply as a pair you must check "co-op lottery" on the College housing and dining registration form. Return your housing and dining request forms. Return your consecutive pair card to the OSCA Office by Monday, March 27, 2017.