UNAG in San Juan de Limay

Tucked away in a broad valley, encircled by a maze of towering arid mountains, lies San Juan de Limay, or Limay for short. Limay is a primarily agricultural town, where food insecurity is a reality for many. Located in the northwest corner of Nicaragua, Limay is in the Estelí department (departments are similar to states within the United States). Limay is isolated from the largest city of Estelí, and the six other municipalities within the department, by the rough mountain terrain and poorly maintained roads. The majority of young men from Limay immigrate to Costa Rica or the United States, as there is essentially no industry or business in Limay.

The municipality of Limay contains twenty-three communities with varying populations. Each community elects two UNAG leaders (a man and a woman) who represent their community members in the office of UNAG in Limay. The office in Limay only employs three people who are in charge serving all the communities. This makes the visits and organizing reunions more difficult. Nevertheless, the community recognizes UNAG as the only organization that has ever help them. Among UNAG’s greatest accomplishments is enabling women to substantially improve their lives through the loan fund.