Membership Changes

Wait Lists

Because there are never enough spaces in OSCA to place everyone who wants to become a member, there are wait lists managed by the Membership Secretary. Similar to the OSCA lotteries, placement from the wait lists are made into the highest preferred co-op that has an open spot available. However, unlike the OSCA lotteries, lottery numbers on the wait lists are typically assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You may change your co-op preferences at any time on the wait lists and your current lottery number will remain unchanged.

You remain on the wait lists until a spot opens in your first-choice co-op or you choose to remove yourself from the wait list. Several times a year we also ask that you verify your desire to remain on the wait lists (it is important that you do so or you may lose your lottery number).

Priority Placement from OSCA Wait Lists

A few people receive priority placement from OSCA wait lists. People who are elected to certain OSCA staff positions for the incoming academic year routinely receive priority placement. In appreciation of all the work they do, every All-OSCA position receives priority placement from the dining wait list. Jobs that require 12+ hours of work per week (usually General Management Team) typically receive priority placement from the housing wait list (housing placement includes dining).

To learn how you too can become a part of the All-OSCA staff and receive priority placement from the wait lists, check out the Staff section.


Each April, OSCA holds an Upperclass Lottery to determine who will become members of OSCA the subsequent Fall. All participants in the UC Lottery receive a randomly assigned lottery number. Applicants who are notified that they have been assigned to OSCA during the UC Lottery must turn in a deposit to guarantee their spot in the Fall; this includes students currently on Leave of Absence who are participating in the Upperclass Lottery.

Each June, OSCA holds a New Student Lottery to fill the 100 spots we reserve for first-years. As with the UC Lottery, all participants receive a randomly assigned lottery number. No deposit is required of first-years joining OSCA.

Special Interest Co-ops

There is a special application process to join our special interest co-ops: Third World Co-op, Third World Social Justice Co-op, and Old Barrows Co-op.

Third World Co-op (TWC) exists to promote coalition building through dialogue among people of different racial, cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds who have been traditionally disenfranchised.

Third World Social Justice Co-op (TWSJ)

Old Barrows Co-op (Old B) is a housing-only co-op that functions to provide a housing community for those who feel oppressed by their gender. Old B is primarily focused on the inclusion of trans and non-binary individuals with a secondary emphasis on cisgender women.

People who wish to become a member of TWC, TWSJ or Old B are encourage to submit an application, which will be reviewed by current relevant selection committees.

Co-op Releases

According to College policy, you are required to remain in your co-op for a minimum of two weeks. (You are financially responsible for these two weeks, even if you decide to switch into the College dining or housing service.)

If you want to be released from your OSCA co-op assignment, please use the Co-op Release Request Form. You must complete this form by 4:00pm Wednesday on a membership change week, in order for your release to become effective on the following Monday (see the posted membership change dates).

OSCA Membership Change Dates

Membership changes happen regularly (roughly every two weeks except for December and May). To switch into OSCA, or switch between OSCA co-ops, you must sign up on the wait list by NOON Wednesday, on a membership change week, in order for your co-op preferences to be honored during that round of changes.

In no case can a member switch from a housing and dining co-op to a dining-only co-op. Members seeking to dine-only in OSCA after receiving a housing and dining assignment must leave OSCA first and then be placed from the wait list.

The membership change dates for 2019-2020 are as follows:

FALL 2019

Members Notify OSCA Office

Effective Date


Wednesday, August 21

Saturday, August 31

OSCA meals begin (lunch)

Wednesday, September 11

Monday, September 16


Wednesday, September 25

Monday, September 30


Wednesday, October 9

Monday, October 14


Wednesday, October 16

Monday, October 28


October 19-27, Fall Break - no meals

Wednesday, October 30

Monday, November 4


Wednesday, November 13

Monday, November 18

final Fall changes



Members Notify OSCA Office

Effective Date


Wednesday, January 22

Saturday, February 1

OSCA meals begin (lunch)

Wednesday, February 12

Monday, February 17


Wednesday, February 26

Monday, March 2


Wednesday, March 11

Monday, March 16


Wednesday, March 18

Monday, March 30


March 21-29, Spring Break - no meals

Wednesday, April 8

Monday, April 13


Wednesday, April 15

Monday, April 20

final Spring changes