What is OSCA’s Purpose?

  • To establish an organization to promote and develop cooperative living at Oberlin College in accordance with the Rochdale Cooperative principles so long as such activity is not inconsistent with the fundamental principles and policies of Oberlin College.
  • To purchase, lease, enter into contractual arrangements with Oberlin College and/or others, or otherwise acquiring facilities for housing and feeding student members attending Oberlin College and to furnish such facilities to student members at actual cost.
  • To buy and otherwise acquire food and other supplies for the rooming, dining, living and studying of student members attending Oberlin College to be sold to them at actual cost.
  • To borrow money and issue, sell, or pledge bonds, promissory notes, or debentures, payable at specified times or payable upon the happening of a specified event or events secured by mortgage, pledge, or otherwise to accomplish the purposes aforesaid.
  • To arrange and provide for the social and cultural enrichment of its members at actual cost.
  • And, in general, to do all things necessary or incidental to fully accomplish the foregoing purposes.