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Students involved in Third World House (TWH) established Third World Co-op (TWC) in 1993 with a purpose similar to that of TWH. The purpose of both TWH and TWC emerged from a movement called the Third World Liberation Front (also known as the Third World Liberation Movement: TWLF or 3WLF). The movement grew significantly after students protested at San Francisco State University in California, demanding the establishment of Asian American Studies and other ethnic studies.

Since its founding, TWC's membership has changed in size and how it functions. Membership numbers were especially high for the first few years of the co-op's existence, and at times there was a significant wait list. Members coordinated discussions and events on a regular basis and worked with other campus organizations. Since then, members have utilized the co-op for more informal discussion, as a support system for campus activism outside of the co-op, and have coordinated inter-OSCA events.


Third World Co-op has three primary purposes:

  1. To serve as a safe space for students who have been traditionally and structurally disenfranchised from OSCA. Safe space can be defined in many ways. We define our safe space as one which:

    1. primarily serves People Of Color (POC).
    2. strives to be inclusive and supportive of POC who are international students, of low income, queer, and/or first-generation students.
    3. fosters a strong community that promotes coalition building through dialogue among people of different socioeconomic, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds.
    4. provides a forum that encourages social activism and political discussions of importance to the current membership. This may be implemented through programs or policies decided upon by the co-op, including dialogue with members of other co-ops. However, it is not the responsibility of TWC to "educate" non-members about such issues.
    5. provides a space where members feel comfortable challenging each other and themselves in a positive manner.
  2. To acquaint members with conscientious cooperative work.
  3. To provide a communal dining environment where good food will be made.


TWC is a mostly vegetarian co-op with meat and vegan options to be decided on a semesterly basis.

** Please note that since TWC's needs change with its membership, the co-op reevaluates its food policy and purpose (including safe space definitions) on a regular basis. **

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