Brown Bag Co-op

The newest co-op, The Brown Bag Co-op (referred to as BBC) was opened in 2003. BBC was created for about 130 students living off-campus or in village housing who have limited time to devote to a traditional co-op. Originally called 5-Kid, BBC works sort of like a co-op grocery store, so members cook the food in their own kitchens, rather than communally. Members are allotted a bi-weekly food allowance, and, don't worry, it's plenty of food.

Each member completes a weekly hour-long cleaning shift if they do not have an elected position. The co-op only meets once or twice a year, so members communicate using email and Google Docs. As such, this is generally not the sort of tight-knit community one finds in other co-ops. The elected positions that BBC has in common with other co-ops include a DLEC, treasurer, food buyers, kitchen coordinator, board reps, membership coordinator, and unpackers. Most of these people are required to meet once a week for the CMT meeting, when co-op business is discussed and decisions are made.

BBC, which was previously in the basement of Fairchild dorm, will now be located in Old Barrows Co-op in the former Old Barrows kitchen, as of summer 2017. BBC uses walk-in fridges and dry foods rooms for food storage, and members may come at their leisure to get food.

Do you live off-campus or in village housing? Do you have the motivation and time to cook all of your meals for yourself? Are you okay with being a co-op with loose community and few (if any) group meals? If so, then perhaps BBC would be good for you. Talk to your friends in BBC about what they think!

— Tera Levin, Simon Regenold ‘17, Charlie Thompson ‘19 and Maia Ross Trupin ‘18