Old Barrows

Old Barrows is the beautiful brick, pillared building marking the southern-most point of the Oberlin Campus. Old B houses 15 residents and feeds 80 OSCA members. To its patrons, Old B is most notable for its delicious and diverse meals, casual vibe, and homey atmosphere. In the spring and autumn Old B can be enjoyed to its full potential as members dine on its beautiful, luscious lawn. Old B faces due west and from the lawn one can watch the sun set over the horizon of Johnson House’s architecture.

Some OSCA members have cited Old B for being inconveniently far away. However, members of the Co-op believe that this makes for an extraordinarily dedicated membership, which accounts for our warm, responsible patrons and commitment to a high level of cuisine. Old B is led by our virtuous DLECs who set a relaxed, inclusive, dependable tone, which is embodied by everyone at Old B.

When just passing through Old B, visitors can enjoy the comfortable, padded chairs in the living room, the influx of natural light in the dining room, the unending amount of tasty-goodies in the kitchen’s foyer, and, if you’re lucky, delicious home-made ice cream!

As an Old B resident said, “Old B is a rock, that simple.” Old B is a staple of the Oberlin Campus and a meaningful part of all of its members’ lives. Old B is a welcoming, friendly environment and welcomes all OSCA members to join us for a meal and enjoy the phenomenon that is Old Barrows.

— Anne Misak