Old Barrows

Old Barrows is the beautiful brick, pillared building marking the southern-most point of the Oberlin Campus. Once a housing and dining co-op, renovations over the summer of 2017 converted Old B into OSCA’s first housing only co-op. Housing 21 members, Old B is a safe space for people who feel oppressed because of their gender, with an emphasis primarily on trans and nonbinary people, and secondly on cisgender women. The application for Old B is open to any student, and is anonymously reviewed by a selection committee of Old B members.

With the renovations of the summer of 2017 came seven new rooms and a new location for Brown Bag Co-op, a grocery store-like co-op for students living off campus. However, Members of Old B cannot dine as a part of BBC, but instead are able to receive their first (available) choice of dining co-op. For new students, that would include Pyle, Fairchild or Third World Co-op, while upperclassman can also choose to dine in Tank, Keep or Harkness.

While some OSCA members cited Old B for being inconveniently far away, the members of Old B believe that this makes for a dedicated membership, as well as allows quiet and privacy away from central campus. It is located across the street from Johnson House (also known as J House or Hebrew Heritage House).. Placed at the top of a hill, a grand front porch opens up to the sloping front lawn with wonderful views while several small common rooms filled with comfortable chairs create a welcoming environment on the inside.

— Anne Misak, Charlie Thompson ‘19 and Maia Ross Turpin