OSCA Scholarships (4/97)

Created 4/97, last amended 09/14

  • The scholarship fund offers low-income students financial assistance in paying for their OSCA board bills. Scholarships cover $500 or $1,000 of the semester's OSCA board bill, depending on demonstrated financial need.
  • In order to determine need, students applying for scholarships must submit their Oberlin financial aid award letter, a Student Aid Report (SAR), or an International student financial aid application (instead of SAR if the student is an international student).
  • Representatives of the committee include the OSCA Treasurer, the OSCA Foundation Treasurer, the Treasurer of each dining co-op, the Accessibility Committee Coordinators, ad-hoc Board reps, and any other interested OSCA members.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the information the committee deals with, only members of the committee who have gone through all the training regarding how to determine need and ethical issues will be allowed to examine the Scholarship applications.