Persons With Disabilities Membership (4/84)

Created 4/84, amended 4/97, 4/09

  • This policy makes OSCA more accessible to persons with disabilities through membership accessibility, accessibility once in a co-op, education about disabilities.
  • Membership: students with disabilities will receive a random lottery number and follow regular wait list procedures until they become a member of OSCA. Once in OSCA, a member with a self-identified disability may request an accommodation and be able to jump the wait list into another co-op depending on their individual needs. In order to jump the waitlist into another co-op, the member requesting an accommodation must meet with members of the Accessibility Committee to determine the best accommodation for their individual needs.
  • Implemented action in the co-op: students with disabilities will have workchart flexibility. Since co-op members' disabilities vary in degree and type, it is important that there be flexibility in job choice. For example, committee work could be substituted for cooking or crew (it is suggested that although OSCA status quo is that all members do a crew, perhaps some disabled persons may be exempt from crew and do other work instead. If a disability constrains an individual to do less than the status quo number of co-op hours, then this will be will be taken into account.
  • COPAO reps of each co-op will be an advocate for self-identified disabled persons within the co-op, working with the Work Chart/Miss-Job Coordinator to make sure things run smoothly.
  • Accessibility Committee Coordinators will strive to provide campus-wide education and outreach regarding accessibility issues in OSCA.