Candidate Statement: Nicole Chase for President 2022-2023

Hi Friends!

My name is Nikki (she/her), and I would love to be your next OSCA President. I am a third-year Politics and Latin American Studies Major with a minor in Rhetoric and a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies. I have been in OSCA since 2019, in Fairkid and Tank. I started as a maker and head cook; since then, I have held positions at the coop and all OSCA levels. I sat on the board during our COVID hiatus, discussing our shutdown, rent contract negotiations, and reopening. This year, I became the Operations Manager and was part of the team that brought OSCA back into operation following the first closure in OSCA's 70-year history. Anyone who knows me knows that I give everything I have to OSCA and will continue to do so regardless of my position.

When I came to visit Oberlin on All Roads, I had lunch in Tank. I sat on the living room floor packed like sardines with a jug of chocolate almond milk and a pot lid of lentils next to two people with buzzed heads wearing matching outfits. In that moment, I knew that I wanted to live every day like that one. I came to Oberlin because of OSCA, and I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience it. I truly don't think I can put into words how much I care about this organization. All of which is why I want to be your next President.

I have a good understanding of the responsibilities of President. In my time in OSCA, I have developed a deep understanding of OSCAs cooperative ideals, bylaws, and operational practices. Furthermore, I have experience both writing and enacting OSCA policy. My insight into both aspects of this process gives me a better understanding of all of the pieces required for OSCA to run smoothly. I also come into this position having previously navigated OSCA-college relations and maintain a working relationship with many college contacts. If elected, I will be on campus for the entire year to accomplish all I hope to bring to OSCA.

My top priority now and always will be the successful operation and continuance of OSCA. Consequently, I have a number of goals to help facilitate this. I know that there can often be an air of mystique about what happens at the all OSCA level. My goal is to help demystify things even slightly to bridge the distance between all-OSCA and coop membership. Furthermore, I would like to focus on the accessibility of OSCA for membership. I know that changes have occurred, resulting in the loss of our Kosher/Halal and Vegan spaces. I also believe in increasing scholarship availability. As an organization focused around food and community, making sure that our dining spaces are accessible is fundamental. Lastly, I know that OSCA can sometimes feel like a thankless organization, but the work each of you do is crucial to our space. At the core of cooperatives is the understanding that every person's contributions matter, and OSCA is no different.

If you find me around and you have any questions or just want to chat about some of the best vegan coop recipes-- come say hi. You can also always email me at or send me a text (my number is hanging in all of your kitchens).